Workforce of the Future

Mike McMeekin, Engineering Change Lab — USA President
  • Across all age cohorts of the engineering workforce, there is agreement on the importance placed on “making the world a better place” and “positively impacting communities” as both sources of inspiration and as core beliefs. Purpose is important to employee engagement.
  • Environmental protection, social justice and workplace diversity are viewed as personally important across all demographics with environmental protection showing the strongest support. Younger professionals and women are most likely to agree that their employer should be more concerned about the impacts of engineering on the environment and on societal issues.
  • Automate — technological innovations and new tools that can replace work currently done by staff.
  • Eliminate — technological innovations and new tools that can eliminate work currently done by staff.
  • Elevate — technological innovations and new tools that can increase the performance and productivity of staff and teams.
  • Create — technological innovations and new tools that catalyze a transformation in how engineering staff and teams work and how they create value.
  • Data collection technologies and 3D visualizations combining data on existing conditions and design data enhances decision-making in design, in construction and in communication with the public. Data collection technologies enable everything else.
  • Generative design algorithms allow much more extensive analysis of design alternatives and, by freeing up time and through automated analysis, provide an enhanced ability to look at the environmental and social impacts of engineering work.
  • Digital twins, combined with smart sensors, can provide value in operations such as predictive maintenance and reduced energy consumption.
  • Data mining of previous projects, characterized as an app store for digital design, can increase efficiency and improve quality.
  • Digital applications have the potential to transform regulatory and approval processes.



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Michael Milligan

Michael Milligan

Executive Director & CEO of ABET, the global accreditor of college and university programs in the STEM disciplines.