Curiosity: The Key to Innovation

With Disruption Comes Opportunity

  • Teach students how to ask quality questions: why, how and what if?
  • Notice when they feel puzzled or confused: is there a teachable moment that will spark a desire to search for answers?
  • Encourage students to tinker: this stimulates curiosity and often leads to innovative outcomes.
  • Teach them to be skeptics: being skeptical requires additional evidence before accepting someone else’s claims are true. Galileo was a skeptic, so was Steve Jobs.
  • Help them explore a variety of cultures and societies: why and how do people think differently, based on where they live or how they were raised?
  • Model curiosity in your own work and teaching: engage in meaningful dialogue about their approach to problem solving.



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Michael Milligan

Michael Milligan

Executive Director & CEO of ABET, the global accreditor of college and university programs in the STEM disciplines.