Advancing Sustainability through Collaboration

Understanding the bigger picture can lead STEM professionals to making more sustainable choices in their projects.

Interdisciplinary Workforce

Collaboration in the workforce is the only way we will solve the climate crisis and achieve the UN SDGs. An architectural engineer, for example, needs to be able to effectively collaborate with architects and civil engineers for projects to be completed in a sustainable manner. Without looking at a project holistically, we may miss opportunities to develop the best solution.

Collaboration is key to be able to choose sustainable options in a project, in school or in the field.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Introducing projects that include collaboration among multiple disciplines into the STEM curriculum would also be valuable. By working on projects with others from different STEM fields — in other fields entirely — students gain a deeper understanding of how that project creates a more sustainable solution to a complex problem. When they enter the workforce, they will already have some experience working with others to ensure sustainability in their real-world projects.

We need to work together between disciplines to achieve sustainable solutions and solve the climate crisis.



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Michael Milligan

Michael Milligan

Executive Director & CEO of ABET, the global accreditor of college and university programs in the STEM disciplines.